Express Cross Border Logistics

4403 W Military Hwy • Suite 100, McAllen, TX 78503


Express Cross Border Logistics can prepare and transmit electronic Inbonds for IT, T&E’S and IE for Ocean and Rail AMS shipments. Express has the capability of doing QP Inbonds which does not have to be presented to CBP when arrived and cleared at the port of destination, it can be arrive electronically thru ABI but the actual CBP7512 form needs to be presented to Customs at export.


As a certified customs broker, Express Cross Border Logistics will handle import shipment with the most ease and satisfaction for the customer. Using both ABI and ACE transmissions to electronically transmit shipments clients can access our online web portal to view shipment information and status. Express thrives on providing the best customer satisfaction and visibility for your shipments.


Using NetChb Express Cross Border Logistics can generate Electronic Export Information (EEI) for all shipments leaving the US. Clients can export material that is received in our warehousing system and Express will coordinate the shipment getting across into Mexico.


Express Cross Border Logistics provides warehousing services that includes distribution to the final customer or VMI Operations. With Express CBL’s Customer Center, customers will have 24/7 access to online inventory information for items warehoused . Packing List and other additional shipment documents of warehoused material is also available in the Customer Center.


Repackaging services such as kitting, re-labeling, pick and pack, and product synchronization are all provided by Express Cross Border Logistics.

Inspection / Rework

Quality inspection and rework services are provided that range from visual cosmetic inspections to electrical and mechanical inspection and testing.